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I now have a Ti4600 on order, total price was $263, including shipping.  The following individuals donated a total of $176 towards my new video card.  It is much appreciated, guys!
Edwin Solheim        David Fisher        Michael Kay
Goy Larsen            Jan Verschueren    Philip Roberts
Mitch Alatorre        Daniel O'Brien        eddie88z
...I hope I didn't miss anyone...
Argh - I *knew* I forgot someone...  The above list was from the paypal transaction screen.  Two people sent me checks:
John Simmons and Larry Bles.  Sorry for the oversight.  Thanks to them as well!

3/24/02 Sears Point Gsandman PR Results Replay(34.4 MB)
3/30/02 Bristol J_Pancoast Results Replay(23.1 MB)
3/30/02 Watkins Glen Littlefeat Results Replay(6.5 MB)
4/6/02 Dover AchimT Results Replay(14.9 MB)
4/6/02 Phoenix Burd_Turglar Results Replay(10.1 MB)
4/13/02 Pocono Duff_Miver Results Replay(40.2 MB)
4/13/02 Lowe's Betty_Swalls Results Replay(19.4 MB)
4/20/02 N. Carolina ColinHarris Results Replay(28.9 MB)
4/20/02 California Bfarmer Results Replay(15.6 MB)
4/27/02 Talladega zugzug1 Results Replay(97.4 MB)
4/27/02 Homestead ColinHarris Results Replay(30 MB)
5/4/02 Richmond MGrandySr Results Replay(63.5 MB)
5/4/02 Atlanta MGrandySr Results Replay(57.2 MB)
5/11/02 Chicagoland MGrandySr Results Replay(70.7MB)
5/11/02 Kansas D_Krol Results Replay(20.5MB)
5/18/02 Bristol MgrandySr Results Replay(40.2MB)
5/18/02 Watkins Glen Littlefeat Results Replay(17.3MB)
5/25/02 New Hampshire ian_parker Results Replay(40.8MB)
5/25/02 Indianapolis Ed_Solheim  Results Replay(38.8MB)
6/1/02 Dover Mox_Masley  Results Replay(66.2MB)
6/8/02 Pocono JSimmons Results Replay(63.3MB)
6/15/02 Michigan zugzug1  Results Replay(28.8MB)
6/22/02 Sears Point Joe_King  Results Replay(51.1MB)
6/29/02 Las Vegas zugzug1  Results Replay(38MB)
7/6/02 Daytona - Night JLe  Results Replay(64.4MB)
7/13/02 Texas joon li Results Replay(32MB)
7/20/02 Coca Cola Ed_Solheim  Results Replay(34.2MB)
8/17/02 Michigan Dick-Trickle  Results Replay(33.1MB)
8/24/02 Bristol - Night Dick-Trickle  Results Replay(52.4MB)
8/31/02 California ian_parker  Results Replay(42.4MB)
9/7/02 Richmond T_White  Results Replay(37.9MB)
9/14/02 Dover T_White  Results Replay(35.5MB)
9/21/02 New Hampshire T_White  Results Replay n/a  :-(
9/28/02 Kansas Mike Grandy Results Replay(32.5MB)
10/5/02 Talladega Don_Wilshe Results Replay(34.8MB)
10/12/02 Lowes D_Krol  Results Replay(38.3MB)
10/19/02 Martinsville Dick-Trickle Results Replay(45.4MB)
10/26/02 Atlanta T_White Results Replay(26.9MB)
11/2/02 N. Carolina T_White Results Replay(28.9MB)
11/9/02 Phoenix T_White Results Replay(27.1MB)
11/16/02 Homestead Don_Wilshe Results Replay(37.2MB)

Last Updated on 11/4/02
By Eldred Pickett
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