MIDI files wanted - *ANYTHING* by: the Jeff Lorber Fusion, Chick Corea, The Rippingtons, or Spyro Gyra.  Send e-mail!

EQUIPMENT LIST (keys, rhythm machines)                        Other stuff:

Currently, I'm running the following in a MIDI setup:               Strat copy elec. guitar

Yamaha DX-7 (with E! board)                                              Cheap acoustic guitar

Roland R5 Drum machine                                                      Quantum Westone headless bass

                                                                                             New York Pro 5-string

(update 1/28/14): I have since collected several more bass guitars, as well as a few 6-string guitars.  I'll post a pic...eventually...

Assorted MIDI patch bays, etc.

Ok, so it's not the HOTTEST bunch of equipment, but it'll work...  If anyone wants to make donations, I certainly won't turn them DOWN... :-)
I'll eventually get around to uploading pictures of my 'studio'(really just a corner of my basement)...
I'm also running an MS-DOS compatible 486 computer with Cakewalk sequencer, and X-OR's patch library.  Anybody know where to get upgrades to X-OR?  Let me know, please.  I just bought Cakewalk Home Studio, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet...
My influences are Rush, Yes, and Genesis for rock - Rippingtons, Chick Corea, and Miles Davis for Jazz.

I also plan to have links to patch download sites for various equipment.

4/9/07 - Boy, this page is due for updates...  I just corrected the old e-mail link - sorry about that.  I also have a newer computer and software(that I *still* haven't started using yet).  I'll try to post pics for all my stuff sometime this weekend.


2/28/14 - Man, time flies!  Ok, I'm back working on this page.  If anyone knows a band in the Detroit area that needs a bass player, let me know.  I'm looking for Classic Rock, r&b, or Motown music.
Also - looking for a power supply for a Roland KC-500 keyboard amp, and an Ensoniq Mirage keyboard for parts...