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Where are they now???

There are many people who have come and gone in our lives.  Some, you're sorry you didn't keep up with.  Here are a few of mine:

  CITCYP (computer training in Detroit), 1984
  Sonora Apacanis(FOUND)
  Nancy J. Kassel                                                                                 

Michigan State University, 1982                              Various locations and dates:
    Darryl Hubbard                                                    Latressa Whiteside - Mt. Clemens, MI, 1990
    Ramona Dennis                                                    Kim Niedenthal - Port Austin, MI, 1989
    Gwen Sanders                                                      Amy Kahn, City School of Detroit, 1973-ish
    Colleen Riley                                                         Felicia Mann - Presentation OLOV, Detroit, MI, 1975
                                                                               Jean Elaine Mark - Sfld, MI, early 1980's
                                                                               Rosanne Helfman - Detroit, MI, 1977
More recently:
Janine Woodard - Livonia, MI
Lanettia Massey - Ann Arbor, MI

If you know any of these people, I'd really like to get in touch with them again, and maybe rekindle old frendships.  Any info would be much appreciated.  Please send e-mail to Eldred Pickett.  Thanks!

Last update: 01/28/14