July 29, 2004
Oh man, where do I start?  I remember building(and test firing in the basement(!)) a Centuri Screaming Eagle.  But, I don't remember actually *flying* one until after we moved in 1977.  I may have been 15 at the time.  That launch included the aforementioned Screaming Eagle, plus a Saros and an Alpha.  Would you believe all three disappeared?  I don't know if we just lost track of them, or if they simply drifted too far for us to retrieve.  Then to put the cap on the day, We discovered that someone had stolen my bike from behind a friend's townhouse.  Not fun.

Now some 25+ years later, I find myself a BAR(born-again-rocketeer).  I honestly don't know what made me get back into it.  I'd read the usenet rocket newsgroups a few times, but always delayed.  July 2004, I decided to get a couple of rockets to launch with my fiancee's kids.  I asked the group members for ideas on suitable launch sites near Detroit.  A few people mentioned the Jackson Model Rocketry Club, which just *happened* to have a launch coming up that weekend(at Michigan International Speedway, no less).  Although we got there late, it was fun to see the larger rockets, and also launch a couple of my own.  I met some very nice and helpful people, and got good insights on the hobby and where to buy kits and supplies.

So now, I've started building a collection of various rockets.  I still had a few 20+ year-old kits that I never finished.  I have a Challenger, Neptune, Pegasus, and Ranger.  The first three were in various states of construction, but the Ranger is still in its original bag.  I've completed Challenger and Neptune.
I've since gone on a mini-shopping spree:
Screamin' Mimi
Shuttle Express
Totally Tubular
Blue Ninja*
Astro Sat*
Venus Probe(6)
Big Bertha*
Alpha III
Sky Writer*

*completed, or ready-to-fly kit.
The Alpha III, Big Bertha, and Blue Ninja flew at the July club launch.  A local launch saw the Alpha III, Snitch, Neptune, Astro Sat, and Challenger take flight
My goal is to finish the Shuttle Express, Totally Tubular, Screamin' Mimi, and the SR-71 before the August launch.  I haven't decided if I'm going, since it's a two hour drive each way.  There's also a launch in Toledo on the same weekend - that's only ONE hour each way...  We'll see.