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    Grand Prix Legends

I've hosted some full-length online races.  We've had good turnouts, and some GREAT racing!  Check out the results here.

Last race:January 1, 2003 9am eastern - Nurburgring
Next race: TBA

I also have provided GPL servers for several leagues.  If any of the drivers in those leagues see this, and wish to donate, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!

Replays - Use to compare yourself against, or give any suggestions you have.
My current PB's   F1: (Per Track)   (All cars)       F2:(per track)  (all cars)     F3: (per track)   (all cars)

Virtual Racers Online Connection(VROC) - THE place to find some great racing against other carbon-units.

Home of the Hotshoes - How do you rank in GPL among all the drivers in the world?

GPLRank - Can't compete with the hotshoe 'aliens'?  Here's a comparison for us mere mortals...  I'm at  -0.098(seconds) versus the default lap times...

GPL Programs - for both add-on and original tracks

Ultimate Links Page (Hans van Dam) - probably 99% of anything you need.  Impressive!

Leagues I'm currently racing in(boy, do I need to update THIS...<g>):

Cobrha - A league using only Coopers, BRM's, and Hondas.  A lot of close racing!
Team Motor City Racing: GTC (Kirk House, Andrew Rogers)    LITES(Gord Houston, Eldred Pickett)
           Results  Standings
Season 2 - 10th place in standings  Highest finish: 2nd(Milwaukee Mile)
Season 3 - 3rd place in standings  Highest finish: 1st(Monza)
                  Motor City Racing - 5th in standings
Victories: Monza(Oct 5, 2002)
Currently between sessions

Screamers - Innovative "Money System" to add variety to the chassis driven.

Season 4 - 16th place in standings  Highest finish: 7th(Mosport, Monza)
Season 5 - 21st place in standings  Highest finish: 6th(Spa)
Season 6 - 11th place in standings  Highest finish: 5th(Mexico)
Season 7 in progress - Highest finish: 3rd(Silverstone)

Team Underdog: Petra Kienast, Eldred Pickett, Fred Isler
Season 1(March 2001 - October 2001)  - 10th place in standings  Highest finish: 6th(4 times)
                  Guardrail Racing(Eldred Pickett/Eric Hammon) - 8th in standings
Season 2(October 2001 - June 2002)  - 4th in standings(2nd without scratch results)  Highest finish: 1st(Zeltweg)
                   Guardrail Racing(Eldred Pickett/Eric Hammon) - team champions!
Season 3 (September 2002 - June 2003) - Lites division - 3rd in standings(including scratch results)  Highest finish: 1st(Zandvoort, Snet67, Rouen)
                                                               - Realistic division - 2nd in standings(1st without scratch results) Highest finish:  1st(Kyalami)
Season 4(September 2003 - December 2003) - Lites division - 4th in standings(shortened season) Highest finish: 2nd(Watkins Glen)
                     Team Underdog(Eldred Pickett, Petra Kienast) - leading at the time league folded
                                                                       - Realistic division - 4th in standings(shortened season) Highest finish:  2nd(Watkins Glen)

Victories: Zeltweg(Feb 3, 2002), Zeltweg(July 14, 2002), Zandvoort(Nov 17, 2002), Snett 67(Dec 8, 2002), Rouen(Mar 23, 2003)

Masters of GPL
Team Red_Herring-Delta - 2001-2002 team champions!
Team Red_Herring-Delta - 2002-2003 team champions!
Victories: Snett67(Feb22, 2003)

Highest finish: 2nd(Zandvoort)

Tips and Techniques

Lights Out Racing - Track Guides, Driving Tactics, etc.

Ricardo Nunnini - He has a slightly quirky sense of humor, but there's a lot of good info there...

Malcolm Edeson (Maxx on r.a.s.) - A former Jim Russell driving school instructor, Malcolm offers help to struggling drivers.  Here are 2 zipfiles: the first is his 'tutorial' package, the second is example laps using the 'default' setups.  Thanks, Malcolm!
GPLegs Default laps

GPL Spy Girl v1.1 by Olivier Gosseaume and Christophe Esneault

GPL Spy Girl is an utility to merge replays generated with GPL.  It helps you compare your laps with the faster drivers and see where you're losing time.


GPL Replay Analyser v.7.5 by Jonas Matton and Martin Granberg (December 27, 2003)

GPL Replay Analyser is a program with which you can load up your Grand Prix Legends replays and analyse/compare driving lines and different kinds of "telemetry" plus generate race and practice reports.

GPL Reverse by...??

Allows you to run the GPL tracks backwards.  Want to go through Eau Rouge the other way?  Now you can...foolish mortal... :-)