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3/27/03 - Geez, I need to update this page...  NASCAR 2003 is out, NASCAR Legends has faded, etc.


Coming Soon(maybe?):
Racing Legends - West Racing - If you buy into the hype, it will be the greatest sim ever.  Their previous effort, World Sports Cars, was shelved after negotiations with their parent company failed.  The sim community awaits...

Sites for downloads(various sims):

    The Pits - many utilities to improve your GPL (and other sims) racing experience.

    The Fast Lane - Another great sim-racing site.

    Eagle Woman - Alison Hine is one of the more highly respected people for creating setups in GPL.

    BlackHole Motorsports - Settings, hotlaps, guides & utilities.

Newsgroup: - Discussions with sim racing enthusiasts from all over the world.

Any other sites you suggest?  Let me know.e-mail me!