Cartoon Cartoon!

Yeah, I know it's been used, but I'll change it (hopefully) before I get sued by the Cartoon Network. :-)

Waitaminute - why don't I just put a link to their site on this page?  That way, they get free advertising, right?

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If you love the Warner Brothers cartoons, you just HAVE to check out the WB store
One of my FAVORITE pieces of cartoon art...

<>Speechless - a tribute to Mel Blanc(1908-1989).
Mel Blanc  (1908-1989) Friz Freleng  (1905-1995)
Charles Schulz(1922-2000) Dr. Seuss(Theodore Geisel)(1904-1991)
Walt Disney(1901-1966)


If you know any good sites for cartoon  .WAV files, let me know.