My personal stats:

    Bowls: right    Style: Stroker                    Current equip: all 16lb.

    High game: 299 - 2006                              Storm El Nino
                         298 - 1992                              Ebonite ONE

    High Series: 745 -  2002                            Faball Burgundy hammer

    High Average: 207 - 2002                         Columbia Chaos

                                                                         Columbia Rock
    1st Place:NABI tourn. at Cloverlanes(9/22/96)
    2nd Place: NABI tourn at Hazel Park Lanes (9/29/96)
    1st Place: Post Office Nite League - 2000-2001 season

Current leagues(2001-2002 season ended, updated 6/1/02):  I give credit for my higher average this year to Bill Tucker, at Sunnybrook Bowl, Sterling Heights, MI  (586) 264-2700
    Sunday Morning Strokers - Sundays 10:30 am        Hi Game/series/avg - (288/745/207)
    Pony Express Mixed League - Mondays 6:30pm     Hi game/series/avg - (278/670/192)
    Post Office Nite - Tuesdays 7pm                                Hi game/series/avg - (278/725/201)

Tournament: Postal - Federal Employees National Tournament 2002 - Chicago, Illinois.  Here's a picture of our team this year.

I'm not bowling this year, because I've gone back to school.  Maybe I'll be back by the 2004-2005 season...
(update: 1/21/07 - subbing on the HSC Invitational league/thursdays/)

Instruction and tips

I attended the Dick Ritger Camp (Detroit, MI) in July 1998.  Throughout the week of instruction and practice, we were given tips that helped us work WITH our basic style, not change it.  Bob Rea (lead instructor) and his assistant coaches (Jeff, Rich, Matt, & Angel) were VERY good at working with the 25 or so students who were in our class.  Yes, I know there are other camps out there.  I just recommend the Ritger camp because I *know* what they can do.  If you'd like me to add a link to a camp you've been to, let me know.  By the way, don't let my current average sway you.  Like anything you learn, you must PRACTICE what you're taught.  I've been guilty of not practicing... <shrug>

I'll be adding more links later.

    Dick Ritger Bowling Camps        <--more info, schedules, etc.

<>    Bowling This Month Magazine      <--a good source for knowledge about 
                                                              the equipment and the game. 
    Metro Detroit USBC association