Auto Ranting...

Dumb things that drivers do:
- Plod along in the fast lane when they're slower than other traffic.  First, you're in the way of faster drivers.  Given how many crazies there are, and the amount of road rage incidents that occur, why would you take the risk of pissing off the driver behind you?  Also, as a friend of mine says, it's not YOUR job to enforce the speed limit.  Get out of the way, and let the people who choose to exceed the speed limit, go by.

- Jam on the brakes when they see a cop.  If you are going the speed limit(based on conditions), the officer CAN'T give you a speeding ticket.  Jamming on the brakes says one of 3 things: One, you have no idea how fast you're going.  Which means you're not paying attention and you're a hazard anyway.  Two, you don't know what the current speed limit IS.  Again, that means you're not paying attention.  Three, you normally drive faster than the speed limit.  Some cops might give you a ticket on that basis alone.

- Slow WAY down when you see someone changing a tire, even when they're safely off the road.  Have you never seen someone change a tire before?  Is your life so boring that this is a source of excitement for you?  You should be able to glance over and understand what the situation is long before you get there.  If you have to slow down so much to take in enough information to know what's going on, then you're too stupid to drive, and you shouldn't be on the road.

- Slow WAY down when you see someone pulled over and getting a ticket.  What, are you jealous?

- Failing to pass a police car that's moving slower than the speed limit.  I see this one all the time.  The speed limit might be 70, but the cruiser is only going 60 or 65 for some reason.  Traffic stacks up behind the officer because you're too much of a chicken-bleep moron to pass them.  Here's a clue - it is NOT illegal to pass a police car if you're not breaking the speed limit.  If you go by the cop who's doing 60 while you're going 65, what can he do?  Geez, people - WAKE UP!

- This one is for those idiot drivers who have been living in a cave for the past 10 to 20 years: You CAN turn right on red in Michigan!  So unless there's a sign stating otherwise, why sit there looking clueless when the traffic is clear?

Some car owners do some stupid stuff to their car.  They install non-essential aerodynamics on low-powered cars.  They get fancy spinner wheels and fancy psychadelic paint jobs.  They install neon lights.  They basically do everything that screams, "Please look at me!"  Then they get tinted windows so that nobody can see who they are...  WTF?

Why do smokers throw their cigarette butts out of the window?  They don't have any problems sucking the poisons into their lungs, but they don't want the smell in their precious car?!?  This one has to be one of the heights of stupidity.

Here's another stupid one that smokers do - dumping your ashtray in the local mall parking lot.  You wouldn't like it if we piled a bunch of shopping carts on your LAWN, would you?